Shanghai shopping

Find the good places to shop in Shanghai

Shanghai has no shortage of excellent shopping options. It is a wonderful city in which to purchase famous Chinese souvenirs, such as silk items, jade jewelry, antiques, porcelain and wood carvings. The Yuyuan Garden (Metro Line 8 to Dashi Jie) is a temple shopping area that houses just about every type of souvenir one could want in small shops and stalls that spill out into the streets and pedestrian zones. Here, you’ll find everything from pricey china tea sets to inexpensive faux silk purses, with something to fit every budget.

If it is clothes you’re after, Shanghai is a shopper’s paradise, with dozens of high-rise malls selling everything from high-end designers like Louis Vuitton and Dior to local Shanghai brands. Shanghai’s premier shopping roads are Nanjing Road (Metro Lines 1 and 2 to People’s Square), which lights up at night in a blaze of bright neon, as well as Huaihai Road (Metro Line 1 to Huangpi South Rd.), where one could literally spend all day ducking in and out of stores, window shopping, buying shoes, sunglasses, watches and more. Many upmarket boutiques selling the patterns of local fashion designers are located in the French Concession (Metro Line 1 to Shanxi South Rd.) along Xinle, Changle and Anfu Roads, and this is also a great place to search for imported wines and other international delights.

Those on the market for antiques, such as furnishings, Mahjong sets and other historic items should head for Dongtai Lu Antiques Market. This street, not far from Yuyuan Garden shopping district, is the place in Shanghai for antiques shopping, with hundreds of vendors displaying collections of every delight along the streets. It is easy to get lost for hours searching through trinkets and furnishings here.

A Shanghai shopping trip would not be complete without the purchase of at least one pirated DVD - a Chinese specialty. Movie and music shops are spread across the city, peddling every type of film and CD available, both western and Asian, including many films still showing in cinemas. While there is no particular neighborhood that is best for finding DVD shops, they are easy to spot and usually offer a similar selection of titles.

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