Shanghai Nightlife, Restaurants and Cafes


Shanghai Restaurants and Cafes

Shanghai has a wonderful dining and nightlife scene that includes everything from 5-star international restaurants to street stands selling delectable treats, and jumping nightclubs to laidback rooftop bars. The type of restaurants and nightlife in Shanghai you choose depends largely on your interests. Are you adventurous or do you prefer fine dining? Do you wish to go dancing or simply enjoy a cheap cold beer?

The most famous and delicious element of Shanghai cuisine is xiaolongbao - steamed, broth-filled buns known as Dragon Buns. Finding xiaolongbao, which are a popular breakfast and snack item in Shanghai, is not difficult, especially in the older areas of the city where street stands sell them for just a few yuan each.

Upmarket Shanghai restaurants are also plentiful. M On the Bund (7/F, No. 5 The Bund; +86 021 6350 9988; is perhaps Shanghai’s most famous fine dining institution, offering a fusion of modern European and Chinese cuisines and a beautiful rooftop dining area overlooking the Shanghai Bund and Huangpu River. More affordable options are to be found just off Nanjing Road (Metro Lines 1 and 2 to People’s Square) along Fujian Zhong Lu, where a plethora of small, clean restaurants offer Chinese and Shanghai specialties. Those looking for western delights can find several Italian and European style cafes along Nanjing Road itself, as well as a number of recognizable chain restaurants and fast food places.

Shanghai’s nightlife is its gem. A good starting place is in the Xintian Di district, where one can find plenty of bars, including a German-style brewhouse and a few nightclubs. There are a few bars scattered around the Bund area, including the Sunshine Bar at Captain Hostel (37 Fuzhou Lu; +86 021 6323 5053;, which offers cheap drinks and outstanding views of the Pudong lights at night. Maoming Road and other areas of the French Concession (Metro Line 1 to Shanxi South Rd.) are filled with plenty of beer joints and cocktail bars stacked together, making for a convenient crawl of Shanghai nightlife options in one go.

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