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Shanghai is China’s most modern and international city. It has always been a gateway for international travelers from the earliest times of colonial contact, and every year, millions of people travel to Shanghai to explore its unique skyline, fantastic and affordable shopping and divine culinary options. With a population of 18 million, including hundreds of thousands of international expats, Shanghai oozes fashion with the kind of cosmopolitan atmosphere that one would expect to find in Hong Kong, London and New York. But Shanghai is a paradox that combines the ultimate modernity with a kind of lost-in-time historicism all its own. It is one of the few cities in the world where the fastest train on earth rockets visitors from the airport to the city center in a matter of minutes, while the ancient old town thrives as it always has, with residents existing in groups of wooden urban housing that predate the existence of cars. During the 1930s, Shanghai was at the peak of cosmopolitan world cities, bursting with nightlife and fashion. It was the most prosperous city in East Asia at that time and continues to hold the title as the most developed city in all of Mainland China, far surpassing its father-capital, Beijing, in terms of vivaciousness and business. When traveling to Shanghai, most visitors are enticed by the city’s stunning nighttime views, which revolve around glowing neon signs and uplit high rises that burst with color and reflect along the Huangpu River, which runs right through the city, cutting it in half. Other Shanghai travel highlights include visiting the city’s historic temples and gardens, which provide a serene escape from the urban jungle setting of modern Shanghai. Shopping is, of course, a Shanghai travel feature for almost any visitor. Whether enjoying the city’s modern multi-level shopping malls filled with international designer brands, or scouring through antiques along Shanghai’s back alleys, there is something for everyone to purchase in this metropolis. And eating is, for many, the most outstanding Shanghai travel activity, as the city is literally brimming over with culinary delights, from the smallest street stands to the haute-cuisine of gourmet restaurants. Shanghai is no stranger to international cuisine, either, with many well-known chain restaurants and famous chefs opening branches here - you’ll find everything from excellent sushi to American donuts. When planning travel to Shanghai, be sure to take into account the city’s fickle weather, which is best enjoyed during spring and autumn when temperatures are most comfortable, and the urban sprawl here, which dictates plenty of walking and the necessity for a fantastic public transport system that includes an intricate subway and bus network. Though Shanghai residents speak a mix of Mandarin Chinese and local Shanghaiese dialects, most visitors find that they have no trouble getting around with English, particularly in the more touristy areas of the city, and most sign postings (including traffic and metro signs) include English. Whether traveling to Shanghai for business or for holidays, visitors here are always pleasantly surprised by this massive city’s vibrant atmosphere and trendy fashion and nightlife scenes. Furthermore, Shanghai travel represents amazing value and it is one of the few cities on earth where 5-star amenities can be found for budget prices.


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