Beaches Shanghai


Find the best beaches in Shanghai

Although there are no traditional beaches to speak of in Shanghai, the closest thing to a Shanghai beach is the island of Putuo Shan. This secluded monastery island has some of the most pristine beaches in all of China, and many Shanghai residents head to Putuo Shan for weekend getaways. Putuo Shan Island has a number of beaches, including Hundred Step Beach, which leads visitors to the massive statue of Guanyin, one of China’s most revered deities. The monastery on the island gives it a spiritual feeling and a number of trails leading around the small island offer access to views out across the East China Sea. Though swimming is not recommended here, the sandy beaches make a wonderful reprieve from the concrete jungle of Shanghai and quite a few tasty seafood restaurants can be found around the island. Putuo Shan is a short ferry ride from Shanghai and costs around ¥460 for round trip tickets, including bus fare from Shanghai city center. For those desperately seeking a Shanghai beach, the white sands and pristine hills of Putuo Shan are definitely the closest option.

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