Attractions in Shanghai

Many attractions & Must See in Shanghai

Shanghai is Chinas first modern city, but it has mnay attractions to offer. Below you can see many Shanghai attractions.

Oriental Pearl TV Tower

Despite the development of several newer, taller high-rises, the Oriental Pearl TV Tower is still Shanghai’s favorite vantage point for its unique 360-degree circular platform and unusual pink bulbous architecture. The Shanghai Pearl TV Tower’s viewing platform looms at 263 meters high, and a revolving restaurant gives diners amazing views of the entire city. Tickets to the Shanghai Pearl TV Tower platform cost ¥50 and include an informative guided elevator ride to the top. Public transport: Metro Line 2 (Green) to Lu Jia Zui.

Yuyuan Gardens

Shanghai’s Yuyuan Gardens are a shopping district and historic temple all in one. The picturesque 400-year-old gardens are home to a series of dripping waterways, hanging plants, rock figures and wafting bamboo trees surrounded by a myriad of Classical Chinese architecture. Around the perimeter of Shanghai Yuyuan Gardens, you will find an ancient temple, now home to a lively shopping area where you can find any and every type of Shanghai souvenir, from silk scarves to Mao handbags. Tickets to Shanghai Yuyuan Gardens cost ¥40. Public transport: Metro Line 8 (Blue) to Dashi Jie or buses 969 and 980 to Yuyuan Zhan.

The Bund

Harkening to a time when Shanghai glittered with colonial prowess and western influence, The Bund is a series of western-style buildings that were once the main import and export stations along the Huangpu River. Marvelously well preserved, the buildings along the Shanghai Bund are lit up at night with golden orange lights. Across the river on the Pudong side of Shanghai, modern high rises and blazing neon lights provide an amazing contrast to the Bund, Shanghai’s oldest commercial district, and a riverside walkway allow visitors access to views of both. It is free to visit the Shanghai Bund, but many opt to take an evening ferry ride up the Huangpu River for around ¥50. Public transport: Metro Line 2 (Green) to Nanjing East Road.

Nanjing Road

Shanghai’s Nanjing Road is a shopping and tourist experience unlike any other. This pedestrian shopping street is home to one of the largest collections of bright neon lights in the world and, each evening, presents a dazzling display of some of the most overwhelming lit signage you’ll ever experience. Shops along Shanghai’s Nanjing Road stay open late and range from trinket stores to upscale clothing shops, bookstores and restaurants. Along Nanjing Road, you’ll find some of the better knock-off designer sunglasses and purses in Shanghai. It is free to walk the length of Nanjing Road and best done after sundown when the lights come on. Public transport: Metro Line 2 (Green) or 1 (Red) to People’s Square, and take the Nanjing West Road Exit, then walk east.

Xintian Di

If you want to see what modern Shanghai is all about, head to Xintian Di, meaning “new heaven and earth”. This upscale shopping and dining area is home to many of Shanghai’s most expensive restaurants and clothing stores. A pedestrian walking strip, Shanghai’s Xintian Di was once a warehouse district and has been converted into the most chic, expensive area of the city. Whether you come to shop, eat, drink or simply people watch, Xintian Di is the place to discover modern Shanghai at its best. Public transport: Metro Line 1 (Red) to Huangpi South Road, then walk south until you reach Xintian Di.

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